Kristine Adams in Stockholm 2017

Kristine Adams in Stockholm 2017

Kristine Adams, a FatChanceBellyDance teacher® and one of the extraordinary dancers of the epic group FatChanceBellyDance® will come to visit us in Stockholm on the weekend 19-21st of August 2017. She will offer three days of intense and inspiring ATS®-workshops.

Come and join us as one of the worlds utmost dancers shares her secrets with us!

Early bird prices until May 31st
475 SEK/workshop
3 300 SEK for all 8 workshops

Prices after May 31st
575 SEK/workshop
4 300 SEK for all 8 workshops

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All workshops are mixed levels and will be tailored for the individual class after a warm-up and assessment drill.
All workshops are also SSCE approved.

Saturday August 19th 2017
10.00-12.00 The Usual Suspects - Sticking to the Basic
Refine and finesse the backbone of your dancing with dynamic combinations and their proper technique. Learn to ‘WOW’ the most critical audiences with simple and clear communication.

Fully booked - "13.30-15.30 Keep it in the Family"
How to create successful sequences of ATS movements so that your dancing makes sense and each presentation fits the flavor and rhythm of the music you are dancing to.

Fully booked - "16.00-18.00 Go with the Flow - Smooth Transitions"
Make the moments between the movements count. In this workshop we will focus on how to bring an elegance and refinement to the “and” to give your dance a polished,educated look.

Sunday August 20th 2017
10.00-12.00 Shimmies! Every shimmy under the ATS sun!
Learn to shake and shimmy in every way possible, keep your audience amazed with this continuos movement. We will study closely the mechanics of what makes up the shimmy and work on making your shimmy bigger, bolder, and more reliable.

13.30-15.30 Being the Music
In this workshop we will explore the most dynamic ways to put together both a set and a song. Bring your audience along for a well thought out tale and learn how to embody the song.

16.00-18.00 Manipulating the Motif
Simple ways to bring continuity and grace to your dance. Learn to take the recurring subject, theme, and idea of ATS and bring new life to your dance by manipulating the movements with ease.

Monday August 21st 2017
10.00-12.00 Topsy Turvey - Bringing Balance to Your Dance
With quick changes, level changes, turns and spins, this workshop will focus on keeping your cool and your feet.

13.30-15.30 Optical Illusions of ATS
We'll celebrate the kaleidoscope of summer by looking at the optical illusions in ATS-- return to the taxeem, reverse taxeem, circle step and torso twist. For fast movements, we'll practice fading to flourishing to circling seamlessly.


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