Nivåer i ATS

1Taxeem, Hand Floreo, Arm Undulations, BodywaveEgyptian Step, Arabic Step, Pivot Bump/Choo-choo/w Arm 1 & 2, Shimmy StepLonga PatternDuet, Trio, QuartetGratitude Meditation
1+Torso Twist (basic), Circle Step (Basic), Reverse Turn, Propellor Turn, Corkscrew TurnDouble Bump, Single Bump, Reach and Sit, Chico Four Corners, Box Step
2Walking Taxeem,
Walking Bodywave, Camel Walk, Ribcage Rotation, Reverse Taxeem, Head Slides, Torso Twist with ½ Turn and 3 Point Turn, Circle Step with ½ Turn and 3 Point Turn
Turkish Shimmy, Turkish Shimmy with Arms and a Turn (TSWAAT), Arabic Hip Twist and ½ Turn, Single Bump ½ Turn, Choo Choo Arc Arms, Up 2 Down 3 with Military Pattern, Arabic Shimmy, Arabic Shimmy with Arms and a Turn (ASWAAT), Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop Combo, Ghawazee Shimmy Combo, Sunanda, Re-Shamka, Egyptian Full TurnMilitary PatternChorus, Fade, Diagonal
2+Pulse Turn, The Rainbow, Loco Camel, Medusa (ATS version)ASWAAT Fade and Circle, TSWAAT Circle, Arabic Hip Twist Flourish, Arabic Hip Twist Flourish, Fade and Circle, Push Forward and Back with extended/modified Military Zil Pattern, Arabic with a Double Turn, Roundhouse, Triple Egyptian, DragonflyLevel (concept, not full and no drop)
3Wrap Around Turn, Barrel Turn, Sahra TurnArabic 123, Waterpot, Arabic Orbit, Wet Dog, Double Back with ½ Turn, Spins
3+Medusa (Indian version), Strong Arm and variations, Wrap Around Drop

Passing: Camel, Sahra, Wrap Around, Barrel, Torso Twist
Turkish Shimmy Cross Over, Alabama Twister, The Triangle Step, Turkish Shimmy ¼ Turn Fade, Egyptian Sevillana, Re-Shamka Spin, Arabic Do-Si-Do

Passing: Chico, Turkish Shimmy

Combos: Chico Circle Up, Cho Choo Arc Arm Combo, Sunanda Duet, ASWAT Duet
Dueling Duet, Slow Diagonal FadeLevel Drop (and Full Level), Laybacks, Belly Rolls and Flutters, Floor Work, Balancing Sword and Basket